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The Bio-Mechanics are excited to share our newest service:  3D Motion Gait Analysis.  Using MotionMetrix’s 3D motion capture technology, we compile a complete biomechanical profile of your running or walking gait in one simple visit.  This technology was once only available to the world’s most elite runners, but now our office is pleased to offer it to any runner or walker who would like to unlock the secrets to more efficient, injury free movement.


The MotionMetrix system uses proprietary algorithms to recognize individual body segments and creates a 3D reconstruction so that the runner’s or walker’s motion can be analyzed with the highest accuracy. MotionMetrix is so advanced no special suits or body markers are necessary. The system looks at three main biomechanical categories:


Option 1 - Screening Only

Complete the MotionMetrix screening with us, and we will email you the results. You may then take those results to the provider of your choice: a coach, physical therapist, chiropractor, trainer, etc. We invite you to return at any time for a follow-up comparative screening to assess your progress from baseline.

Option 2 - Screening + 3D Motion Gait Analysis

Using the MotionMetrix data collected during your screening, the Bio-Mechanics at Donato Chiropractic can provide detailed analysis of your functional mechanics and identify areas where tightness, misalignment, or poor/altered mechanics might be holding you back.

Option 3 - Screening + 3D Motion Gait Analysis + Activation Routine

Want to learn specific ways to improve your mechanics? Following your screening and analysis, the Bio-Mechanics team will formulate a specific treatment plan, which might include corrective activations, foam rolling, stretching, targeted strength training, and/or corrective exercises that you can continue at home. Once you’ve implemented the at-home treatment plan, we will complete a comparative analysis test to quantify your progress.

Option 4 - Screening + 3D Motion Gait Analysis + Activation Routine + Real-Time Sessions

For those looking to further enhance their athletic performance, our in-person Real-Time Sessions can help undo longstanding flaws in your running and maximize your body’s ability to implement corrections. The Bio-Mechanics team will use motion capture and functional assessment to diagnose the condition, implement resets to improve mobility, and suggest corrective exercises to reinforce the new movements…all in “real time.”

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Traveling North:

PLEASE read entire directions as our office is not at the main entrance of building

  • Take the Northway to exit 13N-Saratoga Springs
  • The exit will wrap around and put you on Route 9 North
  • Stay on Route 9 until it becomes Broadway at the beginning of downtown Saratoga
  • Take a (L) onto route29/Washington Avenue, there’s a Starbuck’s on the corner of Broadway/Washington
  • Take first (R) onto Railroad Place
  • 70 Railroad Place is the second building on the (R). Look above the main bldg entrance for 70

*PLEASE NOTE: Our office is at the far end/corner of building and at street level. *

Look above the doorway for Suite 101A and look for the  “Donato Chiropractic” logo in the windows

Traveling South:

Directions:(please read entire directions, our office is not at the main entrance of bldg.)

  • Take exit 15 off the Northway heading towards downtown/Broadway
  • Take a (L) onto Broadway towards downtown
  • Take a (R) onto Division Street
  • Take (L) at first traffic signal onto Railroad Place

70 Railroad Place is the second building on the (L). Do not try to enter through the main entrance of the building.

Our office is on the corner of building closest to the direction you will be approaching from and at street level.

Look above the doorway for Suite 101A and look for the “Donato Chiropractic” logo logo in the windows